Unusual greetings cards with images drawn from art, literature and science, including some made on a Heidelberg Platen ‘Windmill’ Letterpress

Have your elderly relations’ family stories filmed professionally, by the chap, in fact, who researched the pilot of my Living TV series Antiques Ghostshow 

Genealogy inevitably leads us back into the past, and as my book In Search of Our Ancient Ancestors argues, anyone with British ancestry must be descended from everyone who lived in ancient Britain and left descendants, many times over. Some of the items which our ancient ancestors left behind can be bought from this excellent and reliable dealer:

Colin Mullins, the latest of a long line of heraldic carvers and gilders

For genetic testing and DNA research I work closely with a long-established American firm:
Family Tree DNA

Salt & Silk: Chronicles of the Aubreys of Clehonger, by my cousin D. Meredith McFadden. “Acclaimed by discerning readers, Salt & Silk reveals the personal history and dramatic fortunes of a Herefordshire gentry family in the 16th and 17th centuries. We learn about their lives at first hand: how they survived the Civil Wars – and how they misspent their inheritance”.

Waterman’s Family History Boxes – a new and splendid idea for storing your family history details, and a great idea for a Christmas present for anyone keen on family history

Foremost expert in identifying and learning from old photographs, and author of many informative and useful articles and books on the subject

Mapseeker, a wide-ranging website selling historical maps on-line

Did you find this website easily? Do you think it is well designed? Much of the credit is down to Neil Egginton, who specialises in SEO – search engine optimisation – that makes websites easy to find by the search engines.

Image Restore: Photo repair and restoration service, repairing old photographs

Geneva Convention, an independent website about the life of Byron and his friends

John Millman’s Jermyn Family Homepage
A useful and reliable site for buying fossils of some of our ancient ancestors and ancestral cousins, and stone artefacts used by our not-so-ancient ancestors in the Stone Age.

My History: sellers of family tree software, books and archival products. Their site includes a very helpful comparative chart of family tree software

John Townsend – Old Books on Genealogy and British Local History

Genealogist Vicky House’s new discoveries concerning Victoria Cross winner Edmund O’Toole.