Meghan, Duchess of Sussex


Meghan Markle, the American actress known for her role in Suits, became wife of Prince Harry and Duchess of Sussex after her wedding in Windsor in 2018. Gary Boyd Roberts and Christopher C. Child of the New England Historic Genealogical Society proved that she is a descendant of Harry ‘Hotspur’ Percy; that is an ancestor she shares, remarkably, with the Duchess of Cambridge, the late Queen Mother, the late Princess Diana, Miranda Hart (oh, and me).

From Hotspur’s daughter Elizabeth, the line is as follows:

Elizabeth Percy = John Clifford, 7th Lord Clifford

Mary Clifford  = Sir Philip Wentworth. They had children Sir Henry Wentworth (who also happens to be an ancestor of the late Queen Mother, the late Princess of Wales and EastEnders star Danny Dyer) and of:

Elizabeth Wentworth = Sir Martin at See

Joan at Sea = Sir Piers Hildyard

Isabel Hildyard = Ralph Legard

Joan Legard = Richard Skepper

Edward Skepper = Mary Robinson

Rev. William Skepper of Boston, Massachusetts = (first wife)

Jane Skepper = Abraham Browne

Jane Browne = Henry Lunt

Jane Lunt = Nathaniel Drake

Abraham Drake = Martha Eaton

Martha Drake = John Smith

John Smith = Mary ‘Polly’ Mudgett

Mary Hussey Smith = Jacob Lee Merrill

George David Merrill = Mary Bird

Gertrude May Merrill = Frederick George Saunders

Doris May Saunders = Gordon Arnold Markle

Thomas Wayne Markle = Doris L. Ragland

(Rachel) Meghan Markle = H.R.H. Prince Harry of Wales, created Duke of Sussex on the occasion of his wedding in 2018