Miranda Hart and Lullingstone Castle

Henry Percy, 4th Earl of Northumberland (1421-1461) = Lady Eleanor Poynings (see the pedigree of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Lady Eleanor Percy (d. 1530) = Edward, 3rd Duke of Buckingham. K.G. (1478-1521)

Lady Mary Strafford = George Neville, 3rd Lord Abergaveny, K.G. (d. 1535)

Mary Neville = Thomas, 9th Lord Dacre (d. 1541)

Mary, 11th Lady Dacre (1541-1611) = Sampson Lennard of Chevening, Kent, M.P. (1544-1615)

Henry 12 Lord Dacre (1570-1616) = Chrisogona Baker of Sissinghurst (d. 1616)

Hon. Philadelphia Lennard d. 1660 = Sir Thomas Parker of Ratton, Sussex

Catherine Parker 1633- 1700 = Thomas Nutt of Mays, Sussex

Philadelphia Nutt (d. post 1706) = Sir Thomas Dyke of Horsham, 1st baronet (d. 1706).

Sir Thomas Dyke (d. 1756) of Horsham = Anne (d. 1763), widow of John Bluet, daughter and heiress of Percival Hart of Lullingstone, Kent, descended from Sir John Peche who bought Lullingstone in 1361)

Lullingstone Castle, near Shoreham, Kent (side view, showing the original Tudor building).

Sir John Dixon Dyke, 3rd baronet (1732-1810) =Philadelphia Payne, daughter of George Horne of East Grinstead. They had Sir Thomas Dyke, 4th Baronet, High Sheriff of Kent, who died without issue, and:

Sir Percival Hart Dyke, 5th Baronet (1767-1846) = Anne daughter of Robert Jenner of Wenvoe Castle, Glamorgan and Chislehurst, Kent. They had an eldest son, Percival, 6th baronet (see below) and also:

Rev. Thomas Hart Dyke, Rector of Lullingstone (and also rector of Long Newton, Co. Durham) (1801-1866) = Elizabeth Fairfax of Newton Kyme

Thomas Hart Dyke (1834-1900) = Georgina Isabella Fullerton

Percival Hart Dyke, Colonel, India Army (1872-1952) = Louisa Catherine Cave

Rev. Eric Hart (1906-1971) Rector of Cowden, Kent = Mary Alexander. They had a daughter Sarah, who married her cousin Oliver Guy Hart Dyke (see below) and also:

Captain David Hart Dyke, CBE (1938, ADC to HM The Queen = Diana Margaret Luce

Miranda Katharine Hart Dyke (b. 1972), the actress Miranda Hart

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Meanwhile, the eldest son of Sir Percival Hart Dyke, 5th baronet and Anne Jenner was:

Sir Percival Hart Dyke, 6th baronet (1799-1875) = Elizabeth Wells of Bickley Hall, Kent.

Sir William Hart Dyke, 7th Baronet (1837-1931) = Lady Emily Caroline Montagu, daughter of the 7th Earl of Sandwich.

Sir Oliver Hamilton Augustus Hart Dyke, 8th Baronet (1885-1969) = Millicent Zoe Bond, who created a flourishing silk worm farm  at Lullingstone Castle, the silk from which was used to create the Queen’s coronation robes.

Oliver Guy Hart Dyke, of Lullingstone Castle (1928- ) = Sarah Alexander Hart Dyke, daughter of Rev. Eric Hart Dyke (see above).

Thomas Guy Hart Dyke (1976) creator of the World Garden at Lullingstone Castle

Lullingstone Castle’s gatehouse