My Published Work


Tracing Your Family History (Collins, 2004, reprinted in three editions)

Tracing Your Home’s History (Collins, 2006).

Need to Know? Tracing Your Family History (Collins, 2007)

Tracing Your Irish Family History (Collins, 2007, and Firefly, 2009)

Tracing Your Scottish Family History (Collins, 2008 and Firefly, 2008)

Who Am I? The Family Tree Explorer (Quercus, 2009)

The King’s Henchman: Henry Jermyn, Stuart Spymaster and Architect of the British Empire (Gibson Square, 2012). Revised, re-edited and reissued in paperback as The King’s Henchman: the Commoner and the Royal who saved the Monarchy from Cromwell (Gibson Square, 2014).

Tracing Your Aristocratic Ancestors (Pen and Sword, 2013)

In Search of Our Ancient Ancestors: from the Big Bang to modern Britain, in Science and Myth (Pen and Sword, 2015).

Brutus of Troy, and the Quest for the Ancestry of the British (Pen and Sword, 2015).

In Search of Aeneas:  Classical Myth or Bronze Age King? (Amberley, 2023)


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The Family History of Kenneth and Joan Irene Dean (1800-2000), Family History Books, 1997.

The Family History of Leonard and Rosina Briscoe (1782-2000), Family History Books, 1998.

Kind Hearts and Common Sense: the family of Moore of Bengeo and Moore Stephens, Family History Books, Canterbury, 1999.

God’s Electric Planet: William Adolph and Nineteenth Century Catholicism, Nunnery Press, 1999.

Havers of Thelveton, Nunnery Press, 1999.

The History of the Sheffields of Great Brickhill, Buckinghamshire, from the 17th Century Onwards, Family History Books, Canterbury, 2000.

From Holyrood to the Cape: the Ballendens of Sedgley, Staffordshire and Umkomaas, South Africa, Family History Books, Canterbury, 2000.

Bonds of Steel: how the ancestors of one modern family changed the Industrial Revolution, privately printed by Peter Ahlas Esq., 2006.

Picturesque Perils: the rise and fall of Perry Nursey, a 19th century cousin of Princess Catherine, privately printed by Anthony Adolph, 2012 (no longer in print).

Bamford of Staffordshire: a family history, privately printed by J.C. Bamford Excavators Ltd, 2017.


Articles for The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, published by Oxford University Press on 23 September 2004 and described fondly as “the largest, heaviest, wordiest book ever published”  (available in all good libraries and on-line at

Joseph Constantine Carpue (1764-1846), surgeon and reformer.
William D’Avenant (d. 1681), translator.
Sir Gilbert Dethick (c. 1519-1584), Garter king of arms.
Sir William Dethick (1543-1612), Garter king of arms.
Sir Thomas Hawkins (d. 1640), translator.
Randle Holme (1571-1655), deputy herald.
Randle Holme (c.1601-1659), genealogist.
Randle Holme (1627-1699), deputy herald and writer.
Randle Holme (d. 1707), genealogist.
Henry Jermyn, Earl of St Albans (1605-1684), courtier and statesman (described as “a judicious and learned entry” by the Times Literary Supplement (2 August 2013, p. 23).
Thomas Mitchell (d. 1790), marine painter.
Benjamin Humphrey Smart (1786-1872), elocutionist and metaphysician.
Sir Wiliam Segar (d. 1633), Garter king of arms (cited in Jessica L. Malay’s Prophecy and Sibylline Imagery in the Renaissance (Routledge, 2010), and featured as the O.D.N.B.’s  ‘Life of the Day’ on 11 December 2013, under the title ‘up in arms’.

Henry Jermyn

My articles on the Jermyns are given on a separate page.

Supplements and cover-mounts

Trace the History of your Home. 16 page stand-alone supplement to Your Family Tree, May 2006, issue 37.
Tracing Your Home’s History, Collins, paperback (ISBN-10 0-00-778710-7, produced exclusively and as a one-off edition for The Times and distributed with it on 6 November 2006 (and described in a full page on p. 48 of the newspaper).
Trace Your Family History: How to find your ancestors online, a supplement to The Independent (in association with Genes Reunited) on Saturday 29 September 2007.
Your Surname Guide: detailed analysis of over 200 names, cover-mounted 114 page booklet free with Your Family Tree, May 2008.
Your Surname Guide, booklet given away with Your Family Tree , December 2010 (issue 97).
Tracing Your Scottish Family History, Collins, paperback, produced exclusively and as a one-off edition for The Scotsman and distributed with it on Saturday 26 March 2011.

The Highlander Scottish Genealogy column

“I have been a ‘fan’ for as long as you have been writing for The Highlander. Your article is always the first thing I look for and read” – Roger Bain, via by e-mail, June 2014.

(no. 1) “The Land that Shaped a People”, July/August 2011, pp. 48-9.
(no. 2) “Sir John Sinclair’s Statistics”, September/October 2011, pp. 48-9.
(no. 3) “Herbivorous Highlanders”,  November/December 2011, pp. 48-9.
(no. 4) “Routes to the Past”, January/February 2012, pp. 40-1.
(no. 5) “Miracle Genetics”, March/April 2012, pp. 38-9.
(no. 6) “DNA for all: Genealogy meets Genetics”, May/June 2012, pp. 42-3.
(no. 7) “Notes from the north-east”, July /August, pp. 42-3.
(no. 8) “Gravestones and Monumental Inscriptions””, September/October, pp. 44-5.
(no. 9) “What’s my Clan? (part one)”, November/December 2012, pp. 46-7.
(no. 10) “What’s my Clan? (part two)”, January/February 2013, pp. 46-7.
(no. 11) “The joys of local knowledge”, March/April 2013, pp. 46-7.
(no. 12) “Of criminals and kings”, May/June 2013, pp. 42-3.
(no. 13) “How blue is your blood?”, July/August 2013, pp. 38-9 (with a reader offer for my book Tracing Your Aristocratic Ancestors on p. 51). Reproduced as “Our Highland Blood runs blue”, in Clach An Airm (Journal of the Clan MacGillivray Society, USA), vol. 2, no. 2, 2014, pp. 16-17.
(no. 14) “Using the Scotland’s People Web Site”, September/October 2013, pp. 46-47.
(no. 15) “Birth, Marriage and Death”, November/December 2013, pp. 48-9 (reproduced in Nancy Rougvie’s Relative Issues newsletter, January 2014.
(no. 16) “Baptism and Birth dates”, January/February 2014, pp. 48-09
(no. 17) “The 19th-Century Scottish Censuses”, March/April 2014, pp. 50-51.
(no. 18) “Black Watch Ancestors”, May/June 2014, pp. 50-51. This attracted the following comment from reader Beverley Lindsey of  West Terre Haute, Indiana: “I would like to use Anthony Adolph’s article on the Blackwatch (May/June) in our tent at the Scottish Festival in Columbus, Indiana. We are honoring our grandfather’s service in the Blackwatch regiment and people were very interested at the Chicago Scottish fest to know more about the Regiment. We would be making copies of Sir Anthony’s article and handing them out to interested visitors. Thanks for your help. I so enjoy The Highlander and can’t wait for it’s arrival every two months!”
(no. 19) “The Scottish Referendum, a genealogical perspective!, July/August 2014, pp. 46-7.
(no. 20) “King Richard III’s bones”, September/October 2014 pp. 46-7.
(no. 21) “Going off the beaten track”, November/December 2014, pp. 50-1 (reproduced in Red Tower: Clan Galbraith Association newsletter, vol. 36, no. 4, August 2015, pp. 160-161).
(no. 22) “Banished to the Americas”, January/February 2015, pp. 52-3.
(no. 23) “Using the Mormon Church’s “FamilySearch” portal”, March-April 2015, pp. 52-3.
(no. 24) “Tall Tales and Long Pedigrees [about Sir Thomas Urquhart]”, May-June 2015, pp. 48-9.
(no. 25) “The story buried bones can tell [about Richard III]”, July-August 2015, pp. 42-4.
(no. 26) “Beyond the courthouse fire”, September-October 2015, pp. 42-3.
(no. 27) “Where did they live?”, November/December 2015, pp. 52-3.
(no. 28) “Soldiers of the Great War” (and the work of the Woodland Trust), January/February 2016, pp. 52-3.
(no. 29) “Some ‘fishy’ sounding surnames”, March/April 2016, pp. 42-3.
(no. 30.) “Family symbolism in Scottish heraldry”, May/June 2016, pp. 42-3.
(no 31)) “Plant emblems and tartans”, July/August 2016, pp. 40-1.
(no. 32) “Turning Titles Upside Down” (about the 2016 Privy Council ruling on DNA evidence for inheritance of titles), September/October 2016, pp. 42-3.
(no. 33) “No baptism? No problem!”, November/December 2016 pp. 44-5.
(no. 34) “Using paper and pencil”, January/February 2017, pp. 42-3.
(no. 35) “The revamped Scotlandspeople website”, March/April 2017, pp. 40-41.
(no. 36) “The Old Parochial Registers (Part 1)”, May-June 2017, pp. 40-41.
(no. 37) “The Old Parochial Registers (Part 1)”, July-August 2017, pp. 42-3.
(no. 38) “Is the census telling the truth?”, September-October 2017, pp. 42-3.
(no. 39) “DNA ethnicity tests”, November/December 2017, pp. 42-3.
(no. 40) “When disaster strikes”, January/February 2018, pp. 42-3.
(no. 41) “Is there a saint in the family?”, March/April 2018, pp. 42-3.
(no. 42) “How useful are DNA ethnicity tests?”, May/June 2018, pp. 38-9.
(no. 43) “Does Meghan Markle have Scottish royal blood?”, July/August 2018, pp. 44-5.
(no. 44) ” ‘Non-paternal events’ & other cautionary DNA tales”, September/October 2018, pp. 44-5.
(no. 45) “Genealogy’s ‘Fake News’ “, November/December 2018, pp. 48-9.
(no. 46) “The importance of detail”, January/February 2019, pp. 48-9.
(no. 47) “eBaying your family history”, March/April 2019, pp. 42-3.
(no. 48) “Excavating family information”, May/June 2019, pp. 40-1.
(no. 49) “So who are we, really?”, July/August 2019, pp. 44-5.
(no. 50) “When is a marriage not a marriage?”, September/October 2019, pp. 44-5.
(no. 51) “Finding ancestors through the female line”, November/December 2019, pp. 46-7.
(no. 52) “On their own two feet”, January/February 2020, pp. 46-7.
(no. 53) “The value of Y chromosome DNA tests”, March/April 2020, pp. 44-5.
(no. 54) “If women were kings”, May/June 2020, pp. 40-1.
(no. 55) “Genealogy in a time of Corona”, July/August 2020, pp. 46-7.

And that was the last of Highlander magazine, which its editor sold to Chelsea Magazines. It continued in its new incarnation Scotland.

Scotland genealogy column

“The problem with illegitimacy”, November/December 2020, p. 78.
“The name’s Glenbucket, Sean Glenbucket” (about the late Sir Sean Connery), January/February 2021, pp. 40-41.
“True blue”, March/April 2021, p. 70.
“Runaway brides and grooms”, May/June 2021, p. 70.
“A right royal red herring”, July/August 2021, p. 72.


Mythology and ancient history

“The story of the White Horse Stone”,, June 2010.
“My ancestor was a God!”, Your Family History, issue 44, September 2013, pp. 34-36. This article was noticed and complimented in The Weekly Genealogist (vol. 16, No. 34, Whole #649, August 21, 2013) in ‘A Note from the Editor: Divine Origins’.
“La Coruna and our origin myths”, FLS News, the newsletter of the Folklore Society, November 2015, no. 77, p. 11-13.
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“The Rocks, Stained Red with Blood: A Son of Hercules Slew Giants at Salcombe, Devon?”, Ancient Origins, 13 September 2017.
“In the Footsteps of Aeneas – To Etruria”, Digging up the Past, March 2024.
Troy in Turkey or Troy in Britain? False Leads vs Hard Evidence“, Ancient Origins, 15 July 2024.


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The magazine was renamed in March 2016 so the column continued as…

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Perry Nursey, Suffolk landscape painter

Perry Nursey, Suffolk landscape painter

Perry Nursey
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Myself with my cousin Lady Selina Hastings, at a talk she gave to The Biographer's Club in November 2014.

Myself with my cousin Lady Selina Hastings, at a talk she gave to The Biographer’s Club in November 2014.

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Your Family Tree surname histories

A selection of those printed up to May 2008 appears in Your Surname Guide: detailed analysis of over 200 names, a cover-mounted 114 page booklet free with Your Family Tree, May 2008, and a second set appeared as Your Surname Guide, given away with Your Family Tree in December 2010.

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Taylor and surnames of Gwynedd, April 2012, issue 115.
Jones and surnames of Edinburgh, May 2012, issue 116.
Brown and surnames of Lancashire, June 2012, issue 117.
Davies and surnames of Gloucestershire, July 2012, issue 118.
Evans and Suffolk surnames, August 2012, issue 119.
Wilson and Connaught surnames, September 2012, issue 120.
Thomas and Tyne & Wear surnames, October 2012, issue 121.
Roberts and Nottinghamshire surnames, November 2012, issue 122.
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Lewis and Powys surnames, January 2013, issue 124.
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White and Munster, April 2013, issue 128.
Watson and Channel Islands surnames, May 2013, issue 129.
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Wright and North Yorkshire surnames, July 2013, issue 131
Green and Derbyshire surnames, August 2013, issue 132.
Harris/Harrison and Dyfed surnames, September 2013, issue 133.
Cooper and Warwickshire surnames, October 2013, issue 134.
King and Aberdeenshire surnames, November 2013, issue 135.
Lee and Northamptonshire surnames, December 2013, issue 136.
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Clark and Buckinghamshire surnames, February 2014, issue 138.
James and Clwyd surnames, March 2014, issue 139.
Morgan and Leicestershire surnames, Spring 2014, issue 140.
Hughes and Dundee surnames, April 2014, issue 141.
Edwards and Shropshire surnames,  May 2014, issue 142.
Marshall and Cheshire surnames, June 2014, issue 143.
Hill and Ayrshire surnames, July 2014, issue 144.
Morris and Herefordshire surnames, August 2014, issue 145.
Scott and Isle of Wight surnames, September 2014, issue 146.
Phillips and Co. Durham surnames, October 2014, issue 147.
Hall and North London surnames, Autumn 2014, issue 148.
Ward and Edinburgh surnames, November 2014, issue 149.
Atkinson and Manchester surnames, December 2014, issue 150.
Sanderson and Birmingham surnames, January 2015, issue 151.
Stewart and Ulster surnames, February 2015, issue 152.
Allen and Staffordshire surnames, March 2015, issue 153.
Cook and West Yorkshire surnames, Spring 2015, issue 154.
Bennett and Glasgow surnames, April 2015, issue 155.
Parker and Surrey surnames, May 2015, issue 156.
Murphy and Lincolnshire surnames, June 2015, issue 157.
Simpson and Gwent surnames, July 2015, issue 158.
Fox and Hertfordshire surnames, August 2015, issue 159.
Gray and Cornwall surnames, September 2015, issue 160.
Rose and Yorkshire Dales surnames, October 2015, issue 161.
Hunt and Norfolk surnames, November 2015, issue 162.
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And with that drew an end to eleven and a half years of writing surname histories for the same magazine, and they were replaced by my “In Search Of” column.

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